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Taylor-Wilson Company LTD formed and began developing finishing equipment for the steel industry. 


Etna Machine Company was founded and began manufacturing a unique brush-drilling machine. Soon after, the company built rotary swagers, tube forming and welding machines, and other similar machines for the tube industry. 


Etna Machine Company built its first cage-type forming mill, and later built its first combined forming and welding tube mill. By the end of War World II, the company was well established as a premier tube equipment supplier and had further expanded its products.


Bronx Engineering Co. Ltd. Was formed and began its work developing general equipment for the European steel industry. Manufacturing straightening products for the production of tube, pipe, bar and profiles, Bronx was a pioneer and an innovator.


Etna Machine Company moved operations from Toledo to Perrysburg, Ohio. 


Abbey Etna Sales Company and Etna Machine Company were merged to form Abbey Etna Machine Company. During this time the company expanded its sales internationally to customers in Europe, Japan, South America, and Australia. It also excelled in large API pipe mills up to 20” diameter. 



Abbey Etna Machine Company  added cold drawbenches, and in succeeding years broadened its product line to include slitting lines, tube and pipe mill entry line equipment, traveling and stationary cutoff machines, facing machines, and a wide range of specialized machines related to tube and pipe production and finishing.
During this time the company pushed the limits of ERW mills to make extreme sizes as well as high speed mills. As an example, many of the tubes made on Abbey Etna mills were only previously made using the more expensive seamless process.


Bronx began co-licensing with Taylor-Wilson so as to access new markets and to better use technology. 


OTO mills was founded by Steno Marcegaglia,Aleardo Chezzi and Giovanni Giuliani and began designing, manufacturing, installing complete units for the production of welded tubes and/or profiles.


The two companies, Bronx and Taylor-Wilson merged and formed The Bronx/Taylor-Wilson Company, a global leader in steel and non-ferrous mill finishing equipment and solutions
OTO Automation division was established.


The industry began demanding “Just-In-Time” delivery, and shortened order cycles. This requirement led the Abbey Etna Machine Company to develop advanced tooling quick-change systems.


Bronx/Taylor-Wilson is formed, acquired assets and intellectual property of both Taylor-Wilson and Bronx Engineering Bar & Tube


Abbey International joined the Bronx International team. With the combination of Abbey International mills and Bronx Taylor Wilson products for finishing equipment we have created a strong source for our customers.


Merger for incorporation of OTO Steel into OTO S.p.A.


OTO Lift Trucks division was established. 


The Boretto production facility is expanded in Italy and neighboring properties are acquired. 


Fives-Lille acquires the Abbey/ Bronx Taylor-Wilson partnership, which then becomes Fives Bronx Inc. and Fives Bronx Ltd.


OTO S.p.A. becomes the parent company of three divisions: OTO Mills, OTO Lift Trucks and OTO Steel


Fives acquires OTO S.p.A and OTO Automation, a specialist in tube & pipe mills, which then becomes FIVES OTO. 


OTO Lift Trucks’ activity is discontinued.


Fives establishes a focused Tube and Pipe business line combining the historical expertise of the Abbey, Bronx, OTO and Taylor-Wilson range of products.