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The chemical industry serves the central to modern world economy, converting raw material to various end products and is one the world's largest industrial sectors.

The chemical industry consists of drill pipe, casting and tubing, and requires absolute quality of its tube and pipes used in the various manufacturing processes. Quality, flexibility and consistency are equipment benefits vital to this sector, processing basic organic chemical to pharmaceutical and consumer products. Fives develops ultimate technologies that ensure top ranking tube and pipe.

Fives designs and supplies tube mills, straightening, testing and end finishing equipment dedicated to the processing and testing of tube and pipe products for the chemical industry.

Fives offer in the chemical industry:


High technology ERW pipe mills to produce tubes from 12.7mm to 686mm OD and wall thickness from 0.4 to 21mm. Under renowned names OTO and Abbey. Fives' machines include the latest technologies for the production of any type of ERW tube both on carbon steel and stainless steel.


World acclaimed six and ten roll straightening machines for tubes and pipes, plus straightening technology for bars, rails and sections under the Bronx range of finishing solutions.

End finishing

Taylor-Wilson stands for excellence in rotary end finishing equipment. Our design expertise enables us to provide advantages in facing and end profiling for a wide range of seamless and welded tubes.