OTO blade manager

Fives blade manager-FIVES

A brand new tool to keep track of the entire lifecycle of every cut-off blade

OTO blade manager system accumulates the information on the blades used in the plant and their original suppliers. The system collects data of each single cut and store it in the database: number of cuts, square meters of cut materials, blade incidences, etc. Therefore, such a detailed register allows to analyse data for each characteristic (such as thickness, material, diameter, etc.), share the information and keep track of the lifecycle of every cut-off blade.

Multiple blade management system is suitable to manage the information of cut-off units with many blades and record all the parameters for each type of a blade. In case of breakage or wear, the data is detected and stored in the database.

Main features:

  • Blades and blade suppliers register
  • Cut-off data record
  • Blade history archive
  • Multiple blades management
  • Integration with OTO cut-off manager: the system is to propose the best available blades
Fives blade manager screen 1-FIVES
Fives blade manager screen 2-FIVES

Main benefits:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Decreased maintenance cost 
  • The best blade choice for any type of a tube mill
  • No need for skilled operators

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