OTO mill manager

Fives mill manager-FIVES

Automatic mill roll set-up for higher accuracy

OTO mill manager is an integrated tube mill software system that allows for a precise control of mechanical components, setting repeatability and automatic process control. The system enables an operator to set up roll tooling and choose an optimal position for correct tube forming in an automatic mode. 

OTO mill manager regulates properly mill parameters in order to avoid marking, poor welding, straightening problems, irregular shapes, etc.

Main features:

  • Fast and effective mill roll set-ups 
  • Automatic calculation of roll positioning
  • Positioning receipts for different product types 
  • Centralized management of the entire line
  • Automatic update of roll grinding
  • Automatic positioning
Fives mill manager screen 2-FIVES
Fives mill manager screen 1-FIVES

Main benefits:

  • Improved product quality
  • Guaranteed reproducible product quality
  • Set-up of any production parameter, including tube angle radius
  • Cost reduction for roll sets
  • Minimized breakages
  • Easy interface system

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