Electric resistance welding tube mill

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Fives ERW tube mill-FIVES

Fives offers the largest range of Abbey and OTO electric resistance welding tube mills (ERW mills) dedicated to the production of ERW tubes from carbon and stainless steel: diameter range from 4mm to 762mm, wall thickness from 0.4mm to 28mm. 

Fives qualifies all incoming raw materials and manufacturing components used in the production of their machinery, before they are incorporated by skilled craftsmen. The mills are then pre-tested in the Fives' workshop in Boretto (Italy).

  • State-of-the-art technologies to guarantee functionality, safety and productivity
  • Innovative design and continuous R&D programs 
  • High quality standards and advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Professional system integration, installation, start-up and training
  • Fast, reliable and skilled services

Fives' complete offer for the ERW tube mill line includes:

  • Fully automated entry lines: turnstiles, loading carriages, automatic cranes, decoilers, pinch rolls, levelers, shear end welders / strip joiners, strip accumulators
  • ERW tube mills: high precision tube mills, specially designed tube mills, conventional tube mills
  • Quick tool change systems
  • Cut-off units (more than 25 different models available: electric cold saw, electric friction saw, laser units, bandsaw, orbital, stationary, etc.)
  • Exit tube conveyors
  • Automation systems, including management systems and software tools

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