Abbey drawbenches

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Fives tube pipe Abbey Drawbench ok-FIVES

The Abbey product line offers a large selection of chain and hydraulic drawbenches up to 450,000 kg (1,000,000 lbs.) pull and up to 60 meters (200 ft.) long.

Dual chain drawbench

The high production Abbey dual chain drawbenches are designed to draw tubing through dies and over internal dies, as required, to reduce diameter and as well as improve finish and yield strengths of the tubing.

  • The draw carriage pulls at the center line of draw, as compared to a single chain system which pulls “off center”, creating an over turning moment between the chain and the draw center line.
  • Draw forces are self contained within the bench structure to minimize foundation or reinforcement requirements.
  • Tube loading occurs at the top of the drawbench, and discharge is directly under the center line of draw. Conveying tube in and out of the drawbench is easier and faster.

Direct pull hydraulic drawbench & dual ram hydraulic drawbench

Abbey hydrabenches, which are hydraulic powered drawbenches, have many advantages over the conventional chain driven drawbenches.

  • The draw carriage is pulled at center line of draw
  • All forces are self-contained within the hydrabench structure
  • Smooth draw
  • Absence of jerk at draw start.
  • Smooth and step less rapid acceleration and deceleration 
  • Draw interruption 
  • Minimum overdraw
  • Higher production capacity of the hydrabench is achieved, compared to chain benches
  • Low noise level
  • Cleanliness

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