OTO pinch rolls

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Dragging the coil head from the decoiler to the strip joiner without any manual intervention on the strip

This unit also allows correcting any possible deformation of the coil end.

After having let the strip through the inlet guide, it is made pass between the pinch-roll and straightener rolls, correctly guided by the lower inlet support or by the upper slipway, depending on the direction of arrival from the decoiler. The pinch-roll upper roll is lowered by the hydraulic cylinders; the parallelism between upper and lower roll is guaranteed by the couple of rack-and-pinion kinematic couplings.

A unit is positioned on machine board for the adjustment of the cylinders pressure: it consists of a couple of a governor and of a pressure gauge with corresponding shut-off cock. The cylinders control the closing of the straightener rolls up to the distance determined by the alignment hand-wheel. By the straightener outfeed point there is a correcting roll which has the function to rectify the sliding direction of the coil head according to the pressure with which the upper rolls of the straightener press upon the strip. After having correctly carried out such adjustment it will not be necessary to do it anymore, unless the functioning pressure of straightener upper rolls is modified.

All models are equipped with devices that prevent the slipping of the strip on the motorized rolls.

The photocell has the function of signaling the passage of the coil end in order to let this latter be automatically stopped under the strip-joiner shear unit. 

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