OTO strip accumulators

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Fives - OTO range of accumulators

A modern design for improved features

Mill speed significantly depends on the ability to store strip in order to feed a constantly running tube mill during the stop required for joining of coil ends. 

Fives has great experience with space-saving vertical accumulator - like free-loop types or machines for soft handling of light gages: the FBS line - and also proposes a complete line of horizontal accumulators to satisfy different needs in terms of accumulation capacity. Full integration with tube mill system is normally provided.

Our range of accumulators aims at meeting your expectations:

  • Excellent accumulation capacity / dimensions ratio
  • Foundation work not necessarily required
  • Ease and rapidity of installation
  • Minimum strip damage due to distortion or scoring
  • Few manual adjustment operations and low maintenance required
  • Maximum noise control during all operating phases
  • Safety of use
  • Great possibility of customization in terms of manual or fully automatic adjustments


Fives vertical reel type accumulator 1-FIVES

The fixed diameter mandrels support the coil during all processing phases.

A spoke type support holds the coil in its vertical position. Movement of the lateral retaining bulkhead is controlled manually. The entire decoiler structure is mounted on a generously sized ball-bearing centre plate so that it can rotate through 180°. Rotation of the structure is hydraulically controlled. Rotation locking is pneumatically controlled.


Fives fbs series vertical accumulator 2-FIVES

The FBS type strip accumulator is designed to provide high speed storage of sufficient strip to allow the operations of end shearing and welding to be carried out while the mill continues to run at constant speed with no stoppages or deceleration necessary. Specifically, FBS series vertical accumulator is able to work with very light gauge strip and reach very high production speeds on the tube mills in which it is installed.

The use of this type of accumulator affords several benefits that make it decidedly preferable to collection cavity type or looping type storage:

The FBS accumulator is supplied as standard, with the facility to use the internal electronics to control braking of the decoiler in the line, irrespective of whether braking is provided by an electric motor or by means of a proportional pneumatic system.

The machine is supplied ready assembled and pre-tested in our works.


Fives fk frfloop series vertical accumulator 3-FIVES

The floop is designed to provide high speed storage of sufficient strip to allow the operations of end shearing and welding to be carried out, while the mill continues to run at constant speed with no need for stoppages or deceleration. Operation of the floop is extremely simple and fully automated.

The use of the floop accumulator affords several benefits that make it decidedly preferable to collection cavity or looping type storage.

The spiral type accumulator is composed of a rugged welded steel frame built of structural steel profiles and heavy gauge steel plate, equipped with two sets of retaining rolls in case hardened and tempered steel and a system for the storage and extraction of the strip. The frame of the standard version is equipped with steel mesh protections and interlocked access doors protected by safety microswitches.

The entire machine can be housed in a sound insulated enclosure.


Fives vertical collection cavity accumulator 4-FIVES

The accumulation pit is a machine designed to collect large quantities of plate in a small place.

The quantities of collected strip allow to weld coil's head and tail in sufficient time with no need to stop the tube line, since all operations are carried out simultaneously before accumulation pit during supply and with a tube line steady speed. Accumulation pit is mainly made up of two side walls whose purpose is to keep strip collected within the pit.

The two walls may translate sideways moved by two A.C. electric motors to adapt to collecting strip width.


Fives horizontal accumulator 5-FIVES

This accumulator is designed to store a large quantity of strip in a limited space.

The quantity of strip that can be stored is sufficient to allow the leading and trailing ends of the coils to be welded in ample time without having to stop the tube mill because the operations upstream from the accumulator are performed at the same time as mill feeding at constant speed.

The strip can be accumulated in various manners depending on whether operation is on the basis of a constant number of loops or spiral mode.

The machine is completed by these structures: support bench for the infeed and outfeed speed sensor, devices to  twist the strip, launching pinch roll and optional extraction pinch roll with related strip guide and meter-loop.

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