Taylor-Wilson bevelers & facers - pipe end finishing

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Pipe end finishing

Fives produces a variety of Taylor-Wilson end finishing machines all over the world, providing facing, deburring and end profiling for a wide range of seamless and welded tube mills.

Taylor-Wilson pipe finishers operate in different modes and also accommodate varying lengths, thicknesses and ranges.

Key advantages

With a focus on both flexibility and design excellence, we provide the right machine and control system for each customer’s requirements. 

While most end facing operations can be effectively accomplished with a single head machine, Fives recognized the need for improved productivity associated with high-speed cutting lines. We engineered a twin head-facing machine for those special applications.

  • Set up time is reduced by incorporating remote, computer-driven automatic tool setting with hydraulic tool block clamps and powered diameter adjustments
  • The machine is built on electronic elevating jack base for vertical adjustment to accommodate varying tube O.D.
  • Top opening pipe clamps and separate alignment stations reduce cycle time
  • Fully automatic equipment operation provided by state-of-the-art Level 1 or Level 2 interface
  • The machines utilize dry carbide cutting tools with surface cutting speeds of up to 200 meters per minute (approximately 600 fpm)
  • High-output, double-headed machine layouts, utilizing walking beam transfer can be custom designed for high-speed finishing lines
  • Outside diameter chamfers can be tailored to the customer’s requirements via automation package
  • Can offer various material handling alternatives
  • Superior machine stability due to the fixed-head center height design reduces tool chatter and vibration, thus improving surface finish
  • The pipe is firmly held by hydraulic clamps to reduce tool vibration and provide outstanding surface finish
  • Heavy duty design ensures long life and low maintenance even in arduous steel mill environments




  • Crop manipulator robot to remove the heavy cut crop, with automatic deposit into a crushing press for compact scrap storage
  • Crushing press for crush testing of ERW product
  • Chip conveyor system with scrap chute and bucket
  • Front and back stop gauges for cutting exact pipe lengths



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