Taylor-Wilson packaging systems

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Fives taylor wilson packaging systems-FIVES

The latest development by the pioneering designers, engineers, and management team at Fives.

 It is a safe, productive and reliable system flexible enough to adapt to any pipe packaging application. The machine can process rounds, squares and rectangles in a hex, square or rectangular bundle.  It has a straightforward easily accessible setup procedure in manual or an optional semi-automatic or automatic mode. The bundle is built-up by mechanical layering technology and transferred downstream to flexible material handling options.

We design our equipment based on a multitude of variables, including:

  • O.D. variations, the machines can accommodate pipes and tubes from 12mm to 219mm
  • Pipe length - can range from 3 to 12 meters
  • Operational methods - can operate in various modes from manual to fully automatic  
  • Wall thickness - can accommodate from 1mm to 16 mm

Standard Features

  • Packages rounds, squares, and rectangular tubing
  • Produces hex, square and rectangular bundles
  • Manual setup
  • Tube and row alignment features
  • Build-up by mechanical layering technology
  • Concurrent bundle build-up and strapping
  • Manual strapping station
  • Bundle exit conveyors 

Optional features

  • Inlet sorting station: divert scrap to reject cradle or alternate path
  • Automatic setup based on bundle shape and size or by product recipe 
  • Surge skid added between pickoff chain and bundler
  • Multiple strapping options:
    - Hand strapping with overhead bridge and pneumatic tools
    - Automatic strapping with semi- or full automated mode
  • Poly wrapping for additional protection
  • Tilt/drain to allow cutting fluids to drain
  • Weigh station is integrated into the tilt/drain
  • High capacity upgrades to allow for greater throughput
  • Multiple discharge options depending on plant
  • Layout
  • Level 2 integration for line optimization

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