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Fives tube pipe straighteners-FIVES

Fives designs a range of straightening equipment - six roll straightener & ten roll straightening machines - that deliver compelling solutions to the market that make your tube finishing equipment line the most efficient.


Ten roll straightening machines

To accommodate special straightening applications, Fives designs a range of Bronx ten roll machines. These straighteners include custom-built machines to suit individual requirements and provide straightening solutions for virtually any size and material composition. 

The Bronx machines have some distinctive features, accomplishing a set up with relative ease to achieve the required straightness for your product.

  • Roll angles are quickly and easily adjusted to provide line contact with the tube surface over the maximum effective roll profile.
  • Set up time is minimized though our patented COMPASS (computer aided setting system)
  • Hydraulic lift mechanism on the roll entry automatically adjusts roll position to prevent damaging tube ends. 
  • A range of heavy-duty style machines provide enhanced rigidity, with consistent straightness and roundness.
  • The COMPASS software package can be customized to provide management, maintenance and quality control information,including:       calibration and wear compensation; maintenance information; fault finding; and mimic flow diagrams.
  • Unique design allows thin walled tube to be straightened accurately without surface blemishes.
  • The ability to straighten at speeds up to 200 meters per minute (approximately 600 fpm).
  • Hydraulic lift mechanism with sensor automatically adjusts rolls to accept upset pipe.
  • Pressure sensing units may be fitted on each roll to provide an accurate indication of the pressure applied to the tube.
  • The drives are set in the back of the machine, away from the operator.
  • The machine operator has a complete view of the straightening process from the operating console.

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