Bronx bar straighteners

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Incorporating over 60 years of design experience, Bronx bar straighteners are custom-built to suit individual requirements and provide straightening solutions for any material composition, with sizes ranging from 5mm to over 100mm in diameter. The two roll and multi-roll PBR machines are used worldwide, meeting the highest standards of straightness, surface finish and controlled surface hardness.

Bronx machines can be used for either cold or hot rolled bars.


  • High throughput speeds of over 70 meters per minute. Automatic handling equipment, allowing one-man operation
  • High overall operating efficiency. Rapid size-changing facilities
  • Quick roll changing equipment
  • Low surface work hardening
  • Hydraulic roll load control device that maintains straightening load throughout the operation

Guide bar access: All Bronx PBR type machines are equipped with “swing out” guide bar tables that provide:

  • Rapid changing of guide bars
  • Quick and easy inspection of guide bar surfaces
  • Exposure of work rolls for inspection and maintenance
  • Easy removal of scale

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