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Fives oto quick change systems-FIVES

Fives offers the most advanced quick-change systems for improving productivity for new mills, as well as for retrofitting older mills.

Dedicated to the production of any type of ERW tubes: carbon steel and stainless steel from 4.75 mm to 914,4 mm OD and wall thickness from 0.4 to 28mm.

AFT - automatic fixed transfer cart system

AFT systems are used for small mills. Maximum changeover efficiency is obtained with this fully automatic changeover system. A completely automatic on-line tooling change and adjustment takes under 5 minutes. By simply pushing one button, all mill sections are shuttled between their on-line position and their off-line changeover positions, simultaneously.

ATC - automatic transfer card system

ATC systems are ideal for small and medium mills. This system removes and replaces interchangeable mill sections. The cart movement is perpendicular to the mill centerline. This allows for magazine style storage of sub-plated mill sections off-line. ATC includes off-line stand removal, roll manipulators, and interchangeable roll racks.

Cassette quick change system

Cassette system is the ultimate system for large mills to speed tooling changeover of four-roll passes. It uses removable cassettes that hold all rolls and insert and remove them as an assembly into the driven passes.

This system is normally used with two sets of cassettes. One remains in the mill passes during operation. The other set remains off line for preparation for the next tube size to be run.

  • Cassette system with CCT carts usually take less than 30 minutes to change over
  • Eliminate the use of mill cranes for the on-line staging and interchanging of the cassettes
  • Mill driven spindles remain in place in the stand as the cassette housing allows easy access to the rolls off line
  • All adjustments are powered and automatic sequencing is used to load and unload the cassettes
  • The cassette roll changeover system can be used on the fin, weld, pullout and sizing passes

CCT - continuous cart transfer system

The Abbey patented quick-change system is one of the most productive systems for quick change. This advanced system reduces change time drastically and yet is simple to use and maintain. It is the most cost-effective system for this type of mill in order to get to an advanced level of quick-change.

Our mills can be supplied with the CCT System in stages:

  • Quick change ready (for future quick change)
  • Additional sub-plated sections (for lift-off quick change)
  • Addition of third stands (with driven push/pull used for lift-off sub-bases)
  • Full on-line CCT quick change system (with driven carts)
  • Off-line quick change devices

OTO ETC - easy tool change system

Operating principle:

  • Mill configuration specifically designed to execute very quick change on large tube dimensions machines
  • A set of driven shafts and side roll supports assemblies fitted with rolls on line and one or more additional set out of line already equipped with different rolls for the production of new dimensions

With this system the operators will have the possibilityto maintain different productions "just in time" in one only shift.

OTO QTC - quick tool change system

OTO QTC (quick tool change system), which enables a drastic reduction in downtime during mill changeover operations, is based on the principle of two interchangeable sets of rafts (one on the mill base and the other off-line) for mill changeovers.

With this solution the operator simply installs and sets up the rolls off-line so they are ready for the new tube size to be produced at the time of the next mill changeover.

OTO RTC - rapid tool change system

Operating principle:

  • Two interchangeables sets of rafts (one on the mill base and the other off-line) for mill changeovers
  • A third stand mounted on the mill base and permanently connected to the gearboxes
  • Roll height adjustment to bring the rolls to the new working position thanks to high precision hydraulic motors.
  • The automatic set-up saves time because precision off-line roll height adjustment is not necessary, tooling set-up being performed automatically from the main control desk.
  • The complete raft changeover of the forming, finpass, sizing and straightening sections is carried out in approximately 20-30 minutes, even on heavy mills.
  • Compactness and ease of handling of the rafts, which are not equipped with universal joints (in this system the universal joints are permanently on the mill, connected to the third stand).

Roll rack system

Roll rack systems are ideal for large sized mills. This system minimizes crane usage, increases safety, and protects the tooling. Front stand push/pull units move the front stand housings away from the mill line. Roll manipulators are utilized to push toll tooling off the stand spindles as well as put the new tooling on the spindles.

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