About Fives in Tube and Pipe

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Fives is a prominent supplier of OTO and Abbey mills, Taylor-Wilson finishing equipment and Bronx straighteners providing custom engineered products that offer a quality, fully-integrated solution. This combination of resources and infrastructure utilizes the most recent developments in technology, delivering reliable tube and pipe mill and finishing solutions for a wide range of seamless and welded products.

Entry system & tube mills

Fives offers the largest range of ERW mill equipment on the market. Under the OTO and Abbey legacy names, Fives' machines include the latest technologies for the production of any type of ERW tube both on carbon steel and stainless steel. It offers products such as complete tube and pipe mill, decoilers, strip accumulators, strip joiners/ shear end welders and cut-offs.


Fives designs and supplies a large selection of chain and hydraulic drawbenches up to 450,000 kg (1,000,000 lbs.) pull and up to 60 meters (200 ft.) long under its Abbey range of products. These systems are designed with both durability and accuracy to draw tubing through dies and over internal dies used for diameter reduction and improved finishing and yield strengths.

Finishing equipment

Fives designs and supplies best-in-class finishing equipment under the Bronx and Taylor-Wilson range of equipment. Its world acclaimed Bronx six and ten roll straighteners produce ultimate quality tubes, pipes, bars, rails and sections.

Fives’ durable Taylor-Wilson hydrotester range of products provide precise pipe testing, leak testing and collapse testing equipment. Complete finishing can be achieved using Fives’ Taylor-Wilson Pipe End Finishing systems which applies a high level of expertise in facing, deburring, and end profiling for seamless and welded tube mills.

Slitting lines

Fives offers a wide range of slitting lines for low carbon and stainless stee under its Abbey range of products. The largest slits coils up to 45 metric tons and 2,800 mm wide. These lines include automatic edge control, injector or lift-off slitting heads, scrap winders or choppers, tension stands, and many other features

Long product straighteners

Fives’  range of Bronx long product straighteners provide high standards of straightness, surface finish and controlled surface hardness. Its key technical advantage lies in the patented COMPuter Aided Setting System, the COMPASS System, to automatically compute the optimum roll settings and adjust the rolls to the proper position with quick changovers and machine managements system.

Quick change systems

Fives provides advanced tooling quick-change systems. These developments have evolved to the present and are successful in improving productivity for new mills, as well as for retrofitting older mills.

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