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Automotive manufactures require long-term quality and reliability. Fives is at the heart of the process providing key processing solutions for the production of quality tubes and pipes for raw material suppliers.

The automotive industry plays a crucial role in the worldwide economy with more than 80 million vehicles sold per year. Today, the sector is the key initiator of numerous stakes in industrial innovations, environmental development and economy. 

Manufacturers and suppliers are in a constant evolution toward more stringent requirements, higher productivity and quicker innovation. Fives is at the center of automotive manufacturing processes and provides long lasting results and high performance.

Fives designs and supplies tube mills, straightening and drawbench equipment dedicated to the processing of tube and pipe products that meet the quality demands of the automotive market. The equipment offered by Fives ensures quality straighteness and roundness for tube and pipe products supplied to key customers manufacturing raw materials for automotive components such as brake lines, drive shaft, steering components, axles and struts.

Fives offer in the automotive / mechanical industries:


High technology ERW pipe mills to produce tubes from 10 mm to 140 mm OD and wall thickness from 0.8 to 13 mm. Under renowned names OTO and Abbey, Fives' machines include the latest technologies for the production of any type of ERW tube both on carbon steel and stainless steel. 


World acclaimed Bronx hot or cold six and ten roll straightening machines for tubes and pipes, and with the COMPASS System, to automatically compute the optimum roll settings and adjust the rolls to the proper position.


The Abbey product line offers a large selection of chain and hydraulic drawbenches up to 450,000kg (1,000,000lbs) pull and up to 60 meters (200 ft.) long.