Taylor-Wilson pipe drifters

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Taylor-Wilson pipe drifter

Pipe drift is a measure of the roundness or eccentricity of the inside wall of a pipe. "API drift" refers to primary specifications set forth in API specification 5CT (ISO 11960).

Taylor-Wilson automatic pipe drifters are designed to recognize the pipe length taken from customers quality and tracking system to control the stroke of the mandrel so that it does not extend completely through the pipe, yet meets the API drift requirements. A dial control at the operator's station will change the drift length to suit all pipe lengths.

The various sizes of drift plugs are interchangeable on one mandrel bar.


Taylor-Wilson pipe drifter

Taylor-Wilson pipe drifter features

  • Plug rotates for even wear
  • Pre-alignment to prevent over drift
  • Minimal force used during drift
  • Plug will return to start position
  • Mandrel stroke control

Operating principles

Pinch rolls drive the mandrel bar and drift plug into the pipe, once the drift plug is completely inside the pipe the drift speed is increased until the plug near the end of the pipe where the speed is decreased. The retraction of the drift plug will be done at high speed.

The drift speed is varied through out the drifting process; cycle times average around 25 sec, depending on pipe size and length.

The drift plug will rotate after drifting each pipe to distribute the wear on the drift plug evenly.

In the event that the drift plug jams in the pipe, the pinch roll unit will move backwards, along the axis of the mandrel bar tripping a limit switch and stopping the drive motor. A pipe removal plate is raised into position near the edge of the pipe, and the pinch rolls drive will and retract the drift plug. An alarm indicator will signal the operator of the plug jam.

A pedestal mounted operator's control station, complete with all necessary push buttons, selector switches, speed potentiometer, and an operator display to properly run the drift station in either a manual or automatic mode.

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