Bronx rail straighteners

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Bronx rail straightener from Fives

For rail applications, straighteners are required to straighten the steel product both horizontally and vertically. Bronx rail straighteners therefore comprise a horizontal-axis straightening machine and a vertical-axis straightening machine, together with all necessary electrical and hydraulic equipment. The installation can process rails of 52m long at a rate of 60 pcs/hour, and rails of 104m long at 30 pcs/hour. 

Bronx rail straightener main features:

  • Heavy duty machine design, comprising of a horizontal and vertical banks of rollers. Excellent product straightness obtained due to machine rigidity.
  • Individual drive provided to each work roll in order to optimise speed control.
  • Compass automatic setting system (COMPASS), enables work rolls and feed/discharge pinch rolls to be set from the HMI screen, located at the operator's control desk.
  • Improved work roll life and condition, due to the use of through-hardened heat treatment processes. Larger diameter rollers also reduce residual stresses within each roller.
  • High-speed straightening options available, in order to cope with high production demands.
  • Specialised turnover style handling equipment available to work in conjunction with a straightening machine.
  • Custom-built to suit individual client requirements and bespoke workshop layouts.
Bronx rail straighteners for EVRAZ

Designed to customer specifications from the very start

All Fives’ straightening machines are designed and supplied in accordance with customer requirements. In fact, the Russian holding company EVRAZ and Fives developed together the first rail straightening machines to fulfil orders for the group’s Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical plant (NTMK) and its Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Plant (NKMK), both in Russia. The two companies worked together to design this new technology to be capable of straightening in two directions, utilizing Fives’ equipment know-how and the customer’s specialism in rail and beam processing.

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