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OTO and Abbey mill forming technologies

OTO and Abbey mill forming technologies from Fives cater to a wide range of process requirements:
•    Small to very large outside diameters: 4 mm – 762 mm
•    A wide range of thicknesses: 0.5 – 30 mm
•    ERW, laser welding and TIG

The forming section can be delivered with conventional solutions including two rolls stands or semi universal solutions, such as cage forming and TBS, or fully universal solutions. Fives offers many different technologies for changeover and completely automated, software-controlled roll adjustments.

Conventional forming

Conventional forming technology is based on a given number of two-roll forming stands. The rolls are changed according to the tube size production.

This configuration offers the best control on the tube tolerances and optimum power distribution along the line. It makes conventional forming particularly suitable for greater thicknesses, square and rectangular tubes.


Conventional forming technology from Fives

Cage forming

This technology is characterized by its great flexibility, which enables rapid change times. Such mills typically comprise a universal infeed pinch roll and two forming cages with semi-universal rolls.

The proper cage forming section follows, consisting of two lateral beams on which assembled rolls form the tube. The system management software ables to calculate recipes and working positions.


Cage forming technology from Fives

Transition Beam System

Our patented Transition Beam System (TBS) is an innovative forming technology for medium and large mills.

It minimizes tooling cost and reduces size changeover times. Setups can be easily stored and recalled thanks to a software system that carries out the automatic rolls position adjustments.


Transition Beam System from Fives

Universal forming

The universal forming technology provides a self-adaptive roll configuration that does not require any roll replacement during changeover.

It enables you to achieve high precision thanks to the combination of driven breakdown passes and an idle transition section. Roll adjustments are carried out automatically to guarantee the best repeatability.


Universal forming technology from Fives

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