Changeover systems

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Changeover systems from Fives

Quick changeover systems from Fives enable simple and fast rolls tooling changeover and adjustments to be carried out within minutes, saving valuable time and money. Aimed to improve the productivity of both new and older mills, they are available in a wide range of configurations for applications in small, medium and large mills:

  • Carbon and stainless steel
  • OD of 4.75 mm – 762 mm
  • Wall thickness from 0.4 – 28 mm

Interchangeable raft sets changeover systems

Designed for small and medium mills. Using two interchangeable sets of rafts – one on the mill base and the other off-line – the operator can simply install and precisely position the rolls on the off-line set, ready to be installed for the next mill changeover without further adjustments.

Overhead changeover systems

This system is designed for medium and large mills. Normally mills are delivered with an in-line set of cassettes and a given number of offline set of cassettes, to increase efficiency thanks to off line preparation, hence reducing the maintenance frequency. Operators can quickly change from one production to another in a very short time, allowing more than one changeover each shift.

Frontal changeover systems

Designed to achieve very quick and safe changeover on machines for the largest tube dimensions mills. Each cassette is extracted frontally with an automatic changeover system, with specifically designed carriages. This system avoids crane usage, increases safety, and protects the tooling.

Robotic changeover systems

The system, especially designed for small and medium mills, uses roll manipulators to pick up the rolls from a roll warehouse and automatically replace the in-line rolls, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility and safety, being completely operator free.

Roll rack systems

Roll rack systems support stand roll changeover in medium and big size mills. This system minimizes crane usage, increases safety, and protects the tooling. Front stand push/pull units move the front stand housings away from the mill line. Roll manipulators push toll tooling off the stand spindles and place the new tooling on the spindles.

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