OTO HSU, a hollow shape forming mill

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OTO Hollow shape forming mill

OTO HSU mill for square and rectangular tube production

The OTO HSU mill is Fives’ innovative direct forming mill for the production of hollow square and rectangular tubes for construction and furniture products. Designed with efficiency in mind, this mill produces high quality tubes at a lower production cost.

Maximum flexibility and productivity

Using high levels of automation with a full electric control of the stands, our range of OTO HSU mills offers a maximum speed of 120 m/min for tubes from 20 x 20 mm to 150 x 150 mm – and always with precise control of the corner radius. There is also the option of custom engineering mills for larger sizes and thicknesses. 

One of the HSU mill’s main strengths is the ability to quickly change production without changing rolls, giving the customer maximum flexibility and productivity.

OTO HSU mill advantages

Cost-effective tube forming line

  • Lower production cost: 3-4% material saving
  • Very precise control of the corner radius
  • Frequent production changes without a roll change: possibility to produce small lots of final products
  • Robust design
  • Very fast changeover
  • Reduced investment: no requirement for different types of rolls and additional floor space for roll storage
  • Very high automation level: minimized operator tuning

Complete tube forming, sizing and packaging in one line

The OTO HSU line comprises:
•    Entry equipment
•    Mill with electrically controlled forming stands to allow for precise strip bending
•    High-frequency welding stand
•    Scarfing unit
•    Cooling section
•    Sizing section
•    Straightening unit
•    Cut-off unit
•    Packaging system

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