OTO accumulators

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OTO accumulator

OTO strip accumulators from Fives deliver high speeds and high accumulation capacity without compromising on the careful strip handling required by high quality materials. The strip accumulators integrate fully with the tube mill, so end shearing and welding can be carried out while the tube mill runs at constant speed, ensuring optimal efficiency. 

Every model in the range is designed for easy installation and requires little maintenance. They are built with maximum attention to noise control and safety and offer an efficient way of maintaining mill feed and improving productivity.

An accumulator for every process

Fives produces a range of vertical and horizontal accumulators to suit the varying requirements of different steel processes. 

Vertical accumulators

  • Rotating basket and free loop series

Provide high speed storage of sufficient carbon or stainless steel strips to enable end shearing and welding to be carried out while the mill continues to run at constant speed.  The rotating basket series are able to work with very light gauge strip. They are extremely compact and reach very high production speeds. 

  • Vertical tower accumulator 

Large strips can be accumulated in a vertical configuration, without any risk of strip creeping. This model is dedicated to stainless steel applications.

Horizontal accumulators

  • Free-loop, spiral and mixed solutions

This accumulator is designed to store a large quantity of strip in a limited space. The storage capacity is sufficient to allow the leading and trailing ends of the coils to be welded in ample time without having to stop the tube mill.

The operations upstream from the accumulator are performed while the mill is fed at constant speed.

The strip can be accumulated in various manners depending on whether operation is on the basis of a constant number of loops or spiral mode.

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