OTO cut-off

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OTO cut-off

Quality, precision and wear are three of the main concerns for any cut-off unit. Whatever your process requirements, Fives has an OTO flying cut-off  to suit you. They are designed with utmost attention to safety, to cut small, medium and large round tubes and hollow sections. 

With more than 20 models available, the perfect cut-off technology exists according to your: 

  • Tube size
  • Material type (carbon or stainless steel)
  • Material steel grade
  • Performance requirement

OTO flying cut-off technology, ensuring the best possible performances

  • All unit functions are managed by a microprocessor, ensuring reliable and precise cutting lengths
  • The Eltav 6 control board card optimizes the cutting sequences, providing a precise, fast and controlled cutting process
  • The easy-to-use OTO cut-off manager system allows the operator to simply set all key cutting parameters, and automatically outputs feedback and statistical data
  • The OTO blade manager software option completes the picture, by introducing an easy blades warehouse management
  • The Talisman software gives precise information about remaining expected blade life through exploiting the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies

Cold saw cut-offs

The range of OTO cold saw cut-offs is designed to ensure optimum performance providing:

  • Maximum quality levels – a perfectly clean in-line cut without distortion or burr
  • Minimum cut tolerances – guaranteed bar length tolerance of ±1.5 mm at maximum operating speed
  • Minimal and easier equipment maintenance and longer blade life
  • Maximum safety

The cold saw product range covers small, medium and large tube formats:

  • Single blade cut-offs, dedicated to small tube applications
  • Twin cut-offs, dedicated to medium tube applications 
  • Orbital 2 and 4 blades cut-offs, giving a near-perfect in-line cut

Friction saw cut-offs

The friction saw is an extremely flexible and widely applicable technology capable to cut hard materials as well as big tube sizes, enabling at the same time high speed performance. The OTO cut-off technology excels for the maximum operational safety and final product quality.

Laser cut-offs

These highly precise cut-off units are designed to cut small, medium and large size HF and laser welded stainless steel and special alloys tubes.  It applies both for round and hollow sections, paying special attention to the safety issues.

The laser technology guarantees extremely reduced operational costs increasing the operational working time of the equipment. Moreover, it strongly reduces the scraps and the power consumption compared to the blade cut-off technology, guaranteeing a high quality cut.

Shear type cut-offs

Especially designed for carbon and stainless steel tubes, up to 6 mm thickness and 127 mm OD, to get extremely high speed productions and short tube lengths. The machine was conceived to make a clean in-line cut avoiding any distortion or burr, guaranteeing extremely tight length tolerances.

Thanks to the dedicated automation, the machine can be controlled with a very high level of reliability – totally automatic without the need for constant operator supervision.


Simple and cost effective technology especially designed for round API and stainless steel tubes, featuring a certain numbers of rotating tools with adjustable speed and feed rate. The final cut results in high quality, performance and great tool duration.

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