OTO decoilers

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OTO decoiler

Fives offers the largest range of OTO decoilers on the market, designed to handle strips of almost all widths and thicknesses. Available with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic coil preparation, these machines have a robust design that is ideal for handling and high-speed unwinding of coils of any size and weight. Each model is designed for low and easy maintenance, following the highest safety standards. 

Single and double decoilers for every tube mill line

Fives’ range of decoilers for carbon and stainless steels extends from small to large tube mill lines. Handling strip widths from 30 – 2400 mm, with thicknesses from 0.4 – 28 mm, these decoilers are built for safe and easy operation.

Single decoiler series

Designed both for small and medium tube lines, this model can be provided with a wide set of coil loading systems making the coil loading and preparation phase even safer and more efficient.

Double decoiler series

With the double decoiler series, a lateral bulkhead retains the coil in its vertical position on the mandrel during the high speed decoiling process to ensure complete operator safety. The twin mandrel decoiler makes it possible to load the next coil onto the unoccupied mandrel while the other coil is feeding the mill. Braking is achieved with a proportionally controlled pneumatic or electric disk brake.

Double decoiler “planetary” rotation type: this special rotation system with a constant coil tension control allows the operator to work offline and prepare the new coil for processing in the shortest possible time.

Decoilers with step mandrel design

The system of coil unwinding based on stepped opposed decoilers principle is particularly suitable for coils of heavy weight and high thickness strips, to be used in tube mill lines producing diameters exceeding 12 inches. It enables the weight of the coil to be subdivided on two decoilers and to reach the necessary counter pull to tension the strip.

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