OTO strip joiners

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OTO strip joiner

Fives offers precise, fast and reliable OTO strip joiners for carbon and stainless steel strips with widths from 30 to 2400 mm and thicknesses from 0.4 to 28 mm. Automatic and semi-automatic models are available to precisely trim and join the strips. The automatic strip joiners include control of strip end position, strip head feeding into the clamps, trimming of strip ends, automatic welding cycle, bead milling and annealing. 
One, two and four torch applications are fully covered, as well as MIG, MIG TWIN, TIG, Plasma, Laser and Hybrid Laser welding technologies. Fives can also provide all the necessary information on the most suitable welding technologies depending on the different types of materials.

Semi or fully automatic strip joiners

Fives designs strip joiners for every process need, including different levels of automation up to fully automatic. 

Semi-automatic strip joiners

Simple, user friendly strip joiner solutions for customers aiming for something more practical than the conventional, entirely manual strip joiners.

Transversal automatic strip joiners

Designed for small and medium strip widths, these transversal automatic strip joiners use efficient translating shear and welding equipment. With a simple structure, these machines stand out for the very limited amount of scrap produced, delivering high efficiency thanks to their double shear configuration.

Linear automatic strip joiners

Designed for medium and large strip widths and heavy wall thicknesses,  this model features a compact and rigid structure with a limited cross space occupation. The shifting shear and welder units guarantee a precise shearing and welding of the strip edges. Thanks to the automatic strip alignment and automatic clearance adjustment, absolute repeatability is easily achieved.

The trimming and welding cycle can be operated either automatically, semi-automatically (where the strip joiner can automatically stop at each phase, with operator confirmation needed to resume the cycle) or manually. The cycle can be suspended whenever necessary to carry out any required adjustment.

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