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Polishing system-FIVES

Fives offers a wide range of polishing solutions for stainless steel tubes, including internal magnetic bead rollers, external scarfers and brushers for round tubes and hollow sections. With a focus on safety and performance, all our solutions are designed for the highest end product quality and the smoothest tube handling.

Our polishing solutions offer the most advanced technology available on the market, whether for laser, TIG or HF welded tubes.

Revolutionary internal magnetic bead roller

Fives’ magnetic internal bead roller incorporates a patented permanent magnet housing to give a very high quality final product.

Dedicated to TIG and laser welding applications, this system uses a servo controlled carriage and pressure roll, to deliver precise process control, resulting in a smooth rolling process and very low rolled material roughness. A controlled double rolling stroke helps to reduce the stress on the material.

Compared to the traditional bead rolling technologies, Fives’ innovative magnetic bead roller keeps the welding zone free from cables that can interfere with operations and generates low magnetic fields and energy consumption. It can be used to process both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

The magnetic bead rollers (including magnetic tools, mandrels, supporting roll, etc.) and belt grinding machines have been designed so that there is no contact with or contamination risk from copper, bronze, etc., which would be harmful for the stainless steel surface on the welded tube. 

The linear motion option offers a top level drive solution with reduced maintenance and very high efficiency because of the reduced friction. The system’s high stability, accuracy, precision and repeatability lead to better overall end product quality. Automatic lubrication and mandrel rotation options are available.

Brushing machines

Our brushing machines are made especially for HF, TIG and laser welded stainless steel tubes. Suitable for both in-line installation on a tube mill and/or in offline dedicated plants for tube finishing, these machines are designed to product the best end product quality thanks to the finely controlled adjustment of the brush position during operation, as well as the high precision machining of critical parts.

Fast brush replacement is a key element of the design, which reduces both maintenance and the cost of downtime. Among the technical solutions developed, Fives patented a special technology separating the white and black chambers. Specific brushing solutions are available for both rounds and hollow sections.

External scarfers

Fives produces a range of abrasive belt and wheel outer scarfers for TIG and Laser welded stainless steel tubes. Our external scarfers implement a patented technology to separate the white and black chambers in order to guarantee easy and cost effective maintenance and minimize the cost of spare parts.

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