Successful showcase at AISTech 2016

Fives presented its multi-expertise offer at the AISTech show, steel’s premier annual technology event, which took place on May 16-19, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Fives AISTech 2016-FIVES

The AISTech show, having gathered a total of 542 exhibiting companies and more than 7,700 visitors, featured technologies from all over the world that help steel producers compete more effectively in today’s global market. Key producers, suppliers, corporate executives, leaders, and academia gathered to exchange technical information and see new process or product technologies. 

Fives showcased Bronx tube & pipe and long product straighteners, Taylor-Wilson hydrostatic pipe testing, collapse testing and leak testing machines, a complete line of end facing and rotary cut-off equipment, as well as Abbey and OTO mills, Abbey slitting lines and drawbenches. Fives is recognized for its experience and custom engineered products that offer a quality, fully-integrated solution.